Food + Drink

Second Wave

Taking over a former Mediterranean restaurant, Boca champions the coastal cuisine of France, Italy and Spain

Fashion + Jewelry

31 Tips with Big Impact

When it comes to personal style, change is good. Here, a month’s worth of ideas designed to get you thinking about new ways to transform your appearance and feel great in the process

Town Talk

Time Flies

After thirty years at the New Canaan Historical Society, Janet Lindstrom reflects on her town


Mallory Kiplinger & David Going

Mallory Kiplinger was a freshman at Georgetown University when David Going, also known as Wes, then a sophomore, set his eyes on her. With some persistence, he was able to win a date with Mal.

Class Act

Ford’s new luxury Explorer now ranks with its haughtier competitors

Hot Setup

A great kitchen doesn’t need a ton of space, just a slick design. This one serves up classic and contemporary elements to excellent effect


Grill & Chill

With a range of dishes, drinks and price points for diners of all ages, the new Gates is not unlike the original