Keep It Light

Above left: Hinkley flush mount lighting (in hallway, $103.95 each; in entryway, $229.95); right: “Eve” from Hinkley Lighting’s Fredrick Ramond Collection ($1,359)

Indoors midwinter, we dream up endless home projects. Lighting should top that list. It serves practical purposes (reading, cooking, seeing one’s way down a hallway), but it also affects our mood, as anyone sensitive to glare or heavy shadows knows. In short, choose well.

The best way to determine a fixture’s ability to emit light, as well as its finish, scale and true color, is to walk through a showroom. Klaffs, for one, displays lighting from more than 100 manufacturers and for all purposes. Candace L. Pereira, lighting general manager, and Monica Cotton, lighting design sales associate, caution shoppers to consider room size and ceiling height; focal points, such as paintings, pictures and sculpture, alcoves and niches; and task lighting for work spaces, desks and such. But also have fun. “I always love to bring a little bling into each room. Changing your chandelier is like adding a new piece of jewelry to your old black dress,” says Candace. “There are no rules. If done right, you can add a traditional crystal to your modern living room or contemporary pendants over your island in your traditional kitchen.” Read on for more enlightening insights.

Expert Advice from Klaffs


At the upcoming industry show in Dallas, Monica “expects to see more organic materials, such as wood, shells and recycled glass, being used. Antique brass and gold has made a comeback!” Mix textures, materials and finishes to make a personal statement.

Introduce metal with a semi-flush mount in a silver leaf finish for a sleek look, and a gilded fixture inspired by twigs, nests or other natural elements.

Try grouped or solo, midcentury-inspired wood pendants mixed with metal décor.

Hubardton Forge’s hand-forged iron fixtures. “They have come out with amazing, innovative, contemporary design,” says Monica.


  • Research before buying to avoid last-minute changes when the lighting is installed.
  • All lighting changes a room’s color tones and shading from morning into night.
  • Pendants should sit 28–34 inches above any work-space island.



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