July – August 2017


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Best of the Gold Coast Connecticut
By Diane Sembrot
The results are in! Our annual celebration of your favorite places to dine, party, groom, shop play and relax. Visit bestofgoldcoastct.com

Modern Muse
With the help of designer Julie Nightingale, a fun-loving couple creates a contemporary haven where they can relax with their family.
By Malia Mckinnon Frame

Top Dentists in Fairfield County
A smile says a lot about you. Make sure yours is in the best hands. Check out our list of area dental professionals.
See Top Dentists 2017 »

Dental Profiles 2017
They say a smile is the best accessory; are you taking good care of yours?


Editor’s Letter

Status Report
BUZZ: Meet three couples who invented cool products for parents.
SHOP: These coastal cool looks will take you to the beach and beyond.
GO: Why now is the time to head to Palm Beach.
HOME: A sneak peak at a secret garden blooming in New Canaan.
DO: How to take your workout outside, and when to hire an appraiser.
EAT: At Cotto Wine Bar, monthly wine dinners are drawing interest.

Finance Fix
The secret to investment success? Even-keel emotions in rough waters.

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